Glamz Night

On 1st December 2017, Flying Solo Volunteers in short FSV had just launched officially through an event called Glamz Night. On that night we had wonderful performance from Nikostratos. As for me I was involved to record video and I got one of my good brother from Bigo X Familia to snap photos for that events. Apart having some performance and some speech, my short film was being featured on that day.

Before the event, I was given a task and opportunity to produce a video presentation of FSV for introduction. It was a challenge for me as FSV do not have much photos and videos as we are still new. Looking through back some photos and videos which I kept, I decided to produce a short film and this is how I told their story in less than 3 minutes. For the first time in my life, my artwork for film was being showcase live in front of almost 50 audience on that night.

On that night there were lots of photos being taken from the beginning till the end. All the master copy of the photos and videos are with me. Less than 24 hours people start to ask for photos and videos from me. In order to meet some of the request, I created a slideshow consisting photos that being snap. In this blog I have also added a photo gallery for those who would like to download some of those photos. Some photos can be found on FSV fan page.

Korang Faham Eh

In the world of social media and internet, live features on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others have caught user attention. I came across an app, Bigo Live that allow the user to live stream and chat. This app has been around for 1 year already. I have download this app few months after it was launch in App Store and Play Store but have not been using it. Late last year 2016 I started actively using Bigo.

It is not that difficult to use Bigo as it is pretty straight forward to navigate. However I am not blogging about how to use Bigo instead I am promoting on the short film I make with some of the Bigo community/user. I was inspired to make this film after I notice there a common lingo and terms being used or created by the Bigo community. Therefore I title this short film “Korang Faham Eh…” and it can be found on YouTube. Please like the video and subscribe to my channel.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my highest gratitude to all those who are involved in making this short film a success. Thank you to my main cast Farhan. Thank you to my supporting crews Aidil, Linda and TrishQ. Lastly thank you to my special guest appearance CallMeBoss. Looking forward to work with you guys again in my next short film and project.