Holiday in Perth

Last 5th of March 2017 I went to Perth, Western Australia with my younger brother and my uncle. It was a treat by my uncle. In other words my flight ticket and hotel accommodation are free. As for food expenses most of it are free cause it was a treat from my uncle. The only thing that I spend are buying souvenirs and some snacks. This is my first time to Perth, Western Australia and I am so excited about it. By the way traveling to Perth is happen to be in my bucket list and now I have fulfill it.

The airline which I took is JetStar Airline and my flight is 2:30am on Sunday. For me I prefer to take flight at late night because I felt it is less crowed on the road to the airport and also less people in the airport. Usually I have this habit whereby I like to be in the airport much early. For example if my flight is on Sunday morning, I will be in airport on Saturday before midnight. This is because I always want to avoid taxi midnight charges. Anyway traveling to Perth via air took 5 hours and 10 minutes and I need to apply visa in order to travel to Australia. I

Sarapan is a Malay word and it mean breakfast. Now we are having Nasi Lemak for sarapan.

We arrived Perth at 7:40am and after done checking with immigration and collected our luggage the time already show it is 8:30am. My uncle’s friend who is residing in Perth came and fetch us in the airport. Before we head to the hotel, we went for breakfast. Most people say that to find Halal food is not that difficult in Perth. That statement is absolutely true cause the place we have for breakfast is a Halal cafe. The name of the cafe is simple and interesting and it is called The Sarapan. I will be doing short review about The Sarapan and few other food places I been to.

This is a 5 star hotel, Pan Pacific Perth. Will share a review on this hotel.

After breakfast, we then head our way to the hotel for check in. The hotel which we put up at is Pan Pacific Hotel located at Adelaide Terrace. This hotel I was been told is a 5 star hotel and had a great service and facilities. I will be sharing review about this hotel soon. However as we arrive Perth too early, we unable to check into our room yet as it is not ready for us. Since our room is not yet ready, we decided to hang out in the lobby for a while before we decided to go out for sightseeing. It is good that the hotel could help to keep our luggage in their safe room while we are away.

Sightseeing place that we went to is Fremantle whereby we go there to shop

2 plates of Fish N Chip can be shared with 4 people.

souvenirs for ourselves and our family and friends. The place sell all kinds of souvenirs from postcards, key chain, bags, clothes and many more. The price are cheap and reasonable. Of course there are some exclusive souvenirs which are worth to buy for yourself and loved ones but the price is little pricey but it is worth to buy. We had fish and chip for our lunch somewhere in Fremantle but too bad I did not took the photo of the restaurant. I manage to take photo of the food instead.

Doing star gazing outside the house.

After we are done with shopping for souvenirs, lunch and sight seeing, our friend fetch us and drove us to one of his Malay friends currently residing in Perth for barbecue. His friend name Izwan really had a nice and simple house in Perth. What I enjoy most is doing star gazing at the sky. In Singapore it is hard to find stars around. After the barbecue dinner, we head back to hotel and call it for a day.