Bigo Futsal Tournament 2017

Last month on 22nd of October 2017, I got myself involved in a sporting event organized by one of my good Bigo brother Ryzo San. He organized a futsal tournament for Bigoers. The event took him 2 challenging months to plan and manage the event together with his committee members. Basically I was involved on video taking and editing. To be honest this is my first time to record a sporting event and gears I am using basically my Oppo smartphone, action camera and camcorder.

As this is my first time to shoot a video for a sporting event and I must admit it is very challenging. In fact to edit the video took me almost a month to complete. Now it is time for me to share my artwork which you can find it via YouTube. I have also embed the video via my blog.

After produce and edit this film, I feel certain satisfaction which indescribable. Now I am looking forward to produce and direct more film. Anyway I hope I could get some support from you guys by subscribing to my YouTube Channel so that I can share more of my artwork with you guys. Please do share my films and my channel to your family and friends. Appreciate a lot for your help to grow my channel.

Anyway on behalf my Bigo brother Ryzo San, I would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors cause without them this Bigo Futsal Tournament 2017 won’t be a success.
Krazy Crazy Zumba Group
Pintsch Bubenzer Singapore
Mr & Mrs Bunny
Malay Cafe

Dine at Paragon

Today is a wet and lazy Tuesday for me and therefore I didn’t do much sales for the day. Therefore I decided to stroll around Orchard Road. My usual routine I will always go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and tidy up some of the websites and blogs I currently am managing it. While I am outside Paragon shopping mall, I decided to snap a photo or two and blog something about good place to dine in Paragon. I found 2 places for diners to dine in. Anyway I am not getting paid to do this.

In Paragon shopping mall you actually can find quite a number of food outlets and all these outlets mainly located at basement 1. You can find some cafe such as Starbucks. Some food outlets not dine in type but take away such as Krispy Kreme and Old Chang Kee.

Anyway i found something interesting on basement 1 of Paragon. I saw an Italian restaurant, Gastronomia Da Paolo. It offer western cuisine serving a tantalizing collection of dishes which suitable for family gathering, large group with colleagues and reunion with friends.

Anyway to all my Muslim fans and friends please do take note that Gastronomia don’t serve any halal dish and it serve Italian beer. I can only recommend to all my non-Muslim fans and friends to dine in this place. Apart from this restaurant, I came across another restaurant and this restaurant is halal certified therefore my Muslim fans and friends can dine it here.

So pho is a Vietnamese cafe and this cafe is located opposite Gastronomia restaurant. It serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as Summer Rolls with Prawns and Lemongrass Chicken, Vietnamese Fried Rice with Seafood and Pho Bo or also known as Sliced Beef Noodle.

For me personally I feel this is a must try to dine in Paragon. In fact this cafe has become one of my priority to try out their dish. From the name of the dish already make me crave for it.

Anyway they do have other outlets such as Tampines Mall, Parkway Parade, Jem, Clementi Mall, Nex, Waterway Point and many more. To know other locations of their outlets, you can visit their website for more information. Now I am looking forward to try out some of the dishes that serve by So Pho and I be doing food review on So Pho.

Halloween Night Walk Part 2

Finally manage to get the remaining pictures of Halloween Night Walk 2017 from my big brother Andy Montague. Here are the remaining pictures. To all Bigoers who had joined us on last 28th of October 2017, sorry for the delay of uploading remaining pictures. Anyway please do follow Bigo X Familia on social media.



Halloween Night Walk part 1

Last Saturday on 28th of October 2017, Bigo X Familia organized Halloween Night Walk. This event we open to all Bigoers to join us for a night walk from City Hall to Boat Quay. The walk was led by our mystery host. The turnout was 35 people in total including the kids.  Most of my familia members dress up on that day and we have other Bigoers who join us also dress up on that day. We took lots of photos on that day among us and also with members of public.

To all Bigoers who actually joined us last Saturday, here are some photos that are taken from my OPPO R11. There will be more photos be released out once our good brother Andy Montague has come back from his reservist as the remaining photos are found in his DSLR. Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I will keep you guys posted on the part 2 via this blog. Anyway do like our Bigo X Familia Fan Page too.