Mee Wak Katok

March 24 2017, I am somewhere in Orchard area and I am hunting food for dinner. I was thinking of eating noodle for dinner since I already had rice for brunch. My budget for dinner is $6 only even though I have $10 in my wallet. So today my mission is to hunt for a meal including a drink that will cost me $6. If less than that will be better then I know that my mission is successful. I decided to try to hunt some food in Lucky Plaza.

Cipta Rasa Cafe Ria is a Malay cafe located at first floor in Lucky Plaza.

Going around at first floor in Lucky Plaza I saw a small Malay cafe. The name of this cafe is Cipta Rasa Cafe Ria. I have been to Lucky Plaza numerous times and I ever saw this cafe before. I think this cafe has been around for many years but strangely I have yet patronize this cafe. Since I have yet to do so, I shall make it happen today to give a try.

This cafe is small and simple. There are few tables and chairs in the cafe. Even though it is small, it is just enough for me to move and squeeze in with my wheelchair. Menu can be found on the wall and most of the food are common Malay fried food and common western food. However there is one food that catches my attention to give it a try that is Mee Wak Katok.

Little history about Mee Wak Katok basically this noodle dish was once famous back in the 1970s. Back then this Mee Wak Katok was prepared by a Malay man who traveled around in some parts of Singapore with his little food cart. Some say why it is call Mee Wak Katok because he always seen in his shorts when he peddled around with his food cart.

I try Mee Wak Katok before back in 2015 at Amoy Food Court located in Tanjong Pagar but that stall was closed. I was been told that Mee Wak Katok is basically fried noodle that has gravy cook with chili paste. Now I came across Cipta Rasa Cafe Ria and it serve Mee Wak Katok. The price for this dish is $4.50 and there some sambal can be found in the dish. That will make it spicy however you can order it to make it more spicy if you want. Anyway as for my drink I just order mineral water and that cost me $1.20. In total I spend $5.70 for my simple dinner.

In conclusion my mission for hunting $6 dinner is successful. In fact the food that being serve by Cipta Rasa Cafe Ria is not disappointing at all. For your information I did ask around some of the people who are working in shops at Lucky Plaza about Cipta Rasa Cafe Ria and most of them say the food is nice and the prices are consider reasonable too. Next time I will make a comeback to try others.

Holiday in Perth

Last 5th of March 2017 I went to Perth, Western Australia with my youngest brother and my uncle. It was a treat by my uncle. In other words my flight ticket and hotel accommodation are free. As for food expenses most of it are free cause it was a treat from my uncle. The only thing that I spend are buying souvenirs and some snacks. This is my first time to Perth, Western Australia and I am so excited about it. By the way traveling to Perth is happen to be in my bucket list and now I have fulfill it.

The airline which I took is JetStar Airline and my flight is 2:30am on Sunday. For me I prefer to take flight at late night because I felt it is less crowed on the road to the airport and also less people in the airport. Usually I have this habit whereby I like to be in the airport much early. For example if my flight is on Sunday morning, I will be in airport on Saturday before midnight. This is because I always want to avoid taxi midnight charges. Anyway traveling to Perth via air took 5 hours and 10 minutes and I need to apply visa in order to travel to Australia. I

Sarapan is a Malay word and it mean breakfast. Now we are having Nasi Lemak for sarapan.

We arrived Perth at 7:40am and after done checking with immigration and collected our luggage the time already show it is 8:30am. My uncle’s friend who is residing in Perth came and fetch us in the airport. Before we head to the hotel, we went for breakfast. Most people say that to find Halal food is not that difficult in Perth. That statement is absolutely true cause the place we have for breakfast is a Halal cafe. The name of the cafe is simple and interesting and it is called The Sarapan. I will be doing short review about The Sarapan and few other food places I been to.

This is a 5 star hotel, Pan Pacific Perth. Will share a review on this hotel.

After breakfast, we then head our way to the hotel for check in. The hotel which we put up at is Pan Pacific Hotel located at Adelaide Terrace. This hotel I was been told is a 5 star hotel and had a great service and facilities. I will be sharing review about this hotel soon. However as we arrive Perth too early, we unable to check into our room yet as it is not ready for us. Since our room is not yet ready, we decided to hang out in the lobby for a while before we decided to go out for sightseeing. It is good that the hotel could help to keep our luggage in their safe room while we are away.

Sightseeing place that we went to is Fremantle whereby we go there to shop

2 plates of Fish N Chip can be shared with 4 people.

souvenirs for ourselves and our family and friends. The place sell all kinds of souvenirs from postcards, key chain, bags, clothes and many more. The price are cheap and reasonable. Of course there are some exclusive souvenirs which are worth to buy for yourself and loved ones but the price is little pricey but it is worth to buy. We had fish and chip for our lunch somewhere in Fremantle but too bad I did not took the photo of the restaurant. I manage to take photo of the food instead.

Doing star gazing outside the house.

After we are done with shopping for souvenirs, lunch and sight seeing, our friend fetch us and drove us to one of his Malay friends currently residing in Perth for barbecue. His friend name Izwan really had a nice and simple house in Perth. What I enjoy most is doing star gazing at the sky. In Singapore it is hard to find stars around. After the barbecue dinner, we head back to hotel and call it for a day.


Building Water Station

This is a slum area in Philippines. The location is at Tondo, Manila.

From the beginning of 2017 I started busy over something. Busy in making life meaningful not for me but for others who in need most. The thing that make me busy is I am running a campaign for a social cause which is building a water station to provide clean water for the Filipino community in the Philippines. I have this idea since 2013 but the idea came into planning when I was on holiday in Philippines with my big brother and his wife and his son last September 2016 even though I been to Philippines many times.

I remembered the first time I travelled to the Philippines, many of my friends, including the locals of the Philippines, advised me not to drink water from the tap because I might suffer from diarrhoea as the water may be contaminated even after it was treated. Therefore the advice is to boil the water or buy bottled drinks. During my holidays in the Philippines, I can see lots of stocks and supplies of water in the supermarket. For me personally, I can afford to buy bottled drinks from the supermarket but for many locals it is a luxury to buy one especially for those in the poverty.

These are the kids from the slum area in the Philippines.

I was thinking to myself if there anything that can be done? Therefore I start to do some research through online and talked to my local Filipino friends who told me that even when there are existing water refilling stations, the vendors tend to take advantage by overcharging. Then I also found something serious whereby an online article publish in 2015 says that ‘A lack of clean water and sanitation in the Philippines kills 55 people every day’ .

After been doing some research online annd by talking to the local of Philippines, I finally know what I need to do. I decided to build a water station that provide clean water to the poor Filipino community for free. Therefore I create a campaign to do fund raising via crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. I am seeking your support by helping me to share this post to your family and friends and hoping that you could make little contributions to it. Your help through contributions and promoting means a lot to me who managing it and to those who will benefit from this project. Below is the link to the campaign.

Thank you for supporting this campaign

Link to the campaign:
Dalisay Water Station

Thank you so much and appreciate it a lot for your time and contributions.

Love Letter

Chocolate Nutella Love Letter and Peanut Butter Love Letter

2 days before Chinese New Year on 26th of January 2017, I met one of my Chinese customer somewhere at Somerset. She was very excited to see me. She told me she got something for me and I was wondering what it is that make her so excited about. She gave me love letter and let me tell you this is not what you think it is. For some of you who did not know it is one of those festive cookies that you can get during festive season such as Hari Raya or Chinese Lunar New Year.

In Malay we name it as Kuih Kapit and in English it is known as Love Letter. It is consider a wafer biscuit as it is crunchy and crispy. I have not been eating this biscuit for very long time. The only time I remember how it look like was in a form of wafer roll and the taste is coconut flavor. However I realized that now the Love letter have additional flavor to it. There are Chocolate Nutella and Peanut Butter flavor which was given by my Chinese customer.

One of the flavor of Love Letter, Chocolate Nutella

However I notice that these kind of cookie such as Love Letter hardly been made nowadays for festive seasons. I remember when I was a child back then during Hari Raya house visiting, I always saw Love Letter on the table. To me Love Letter is consider one of the traditional festive snacks and the legacy of this cookie should be continue to the next generation. Hope that these kind of cookies would still continue to be exist.

The cheapest one tonne noodle

The big signage outside the mall. Photo taken during the night.

I always go to One Katong Mall or in short known as One KM to hang out and do my work at the same time. My usual hang out spot will be in Starbucks. Usually I will hang out there from early afternoon till midnight. During my hang out sessions in Starbucks, I can go hungry easily and therefore I will look for foods that are available in One KM. There are quite a number of food stores are available in One KM. Recce all the halal food stores in One KM will be my mission. I will start with the basement.

On the basement of One KM, there are some halal food stores you can get. Some are cheap and some are little bit pricey. I start with something that is consider cheap. There is one food store that is very new to me that is Encik Tan. This food store offer local halal Chinese food. The food that being served are mainly noodles such as Wanton noodle, Fishball Noodle and Laksa. Here you can view the full menu that being served by Encik Tan.

Wanton Noodle is pronounce as one tonne.

Encik Tan has a signature dish and it is called Signature Noodle. The name sounds little weird to me but I am not going to try that at the moment. I going for my all time favorite noodle, Wanton noodle. Wanton noodle cost $4 and I find it fairly cheap or in fact this is the cheapest Wanton noodle I can get in Geylang Serai area. That $4 does not include with the drink. If you were to include drink that will cost you almost $6 I think. Since my drink still in Starbucks, so I don’t really need a drink.

While I am eating, I love to appreciate the taste of the food.

Anyway Encik Tan has few other outlets located in Singapore. So one of the outlets I go to is located at One KM on first basement. The place is not that spacious and it rather small I must say. One of their outlet located at Bugis+ is more spacious for you to dine in. Even though it is small, the place is well kept clean. When I ordered Wanton noodle, I was being served with 2 bowl. First bowl consist of the noodle and the char siew chicken and the second bowl consist of soup and Wanton in it.

The noodle portion which I get is consider a lot and definitely will make me feel full. I like the taste of the char siew chicken. The noodle I ordered is spicy since I request for it. The chili which the staff gave to me is sweet and spicy and it goes well with the noodle. As for the soup it is a little bit tasteless and therefore you need to add some pepper to it to have some taste on it. As for the Wanton, I was given 3 pieces only and as for the taste is OK. I recommend to scoop out the Wanton and mix it in your noodle to have better taste.

Overall dining in at Encik Tan is not too bad even though the place is small but it is well kept clean. The price you pay are quite affordable which is similar to the price you dine in at hawker center. The price that I pay is worth the money as it make me feel full at the end of the meal. I definitely coming back to try out the others on the menu such as Signature noodle and maybe Rojak. Personally I rate everything 3 out of 5.